We reach excellence in everything we do, such as the valorization of the products and the historical-cultural traditions of our region: Apulia.

This has led us to seek excellence in everything we do.
Respect for the environment, nature, and people represents our values: it is a matter of responsibility that characterizes our daily work.


Our family has been active in the agricultural sector since 1930.

Vincenzo Agresti – grandfather and homonym of the current owner of Agresti Vini – started the activity to produce extra virgin olive oil coming strictly from olives of the Coratina variety.

Logo Cantine Agresti
Vincenzo Agresti, titolare de Agresti Vini


Over the years, the company has increased its production and its dimensions:

In a few years, 10 hectares will be cultivated, and the constant innovation of processes and techniques will guarantee the physiological growth of production.

In the 80s, alongside their grandfather Vincenzo and their father Riccardo, Savino and Vincenzo began to work in the company. While, since the 90s, they have been independently managing the family business after having diversified its production. In addition to extra virgin olive oil, the Agresti company now produces wine with cultivations throughout the province, especially in the Murgia near the Castel del Monte.

The distribution is national and international. Recently, the export has been constantly growing also thanks to “Bag in Box”, our new package. This innovative packaging is particularly appreciated in the United States and many countries of the European Union.


All our vines have a strong “local” imprint.

Each wine is cultivated in the territory of the Murgia, a karstic plateau within the metropolitan city of Bari and the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, characterized by predominantly clayey and sandy soil on the surface; hiding a deep limestone layer.

Specifically, our crops are located in the cities of Andria, especially in the area below the Castel del Monte, Canosa, and Minervino Murge; at an altitude between 250 and 400 meters above sea level.

Therefore, our products can enjoy a temperate climate, particularly mild and comfortable during the spring and autumn, with cold winters and mild summers.